Evelyn Nesbit's Apartment

The man of the world saw in the innocent young thing an easy victim to his wiles and opportunities were made for him to meet the girl whom he planned to make his puppet, his plaything and his slave. His efforts were not long in being crowned by success.

The pretty trinkets which the girl loved so well were hers with the first expression of her desire: she was flattered when she realized from whom she was receiving adulation; the subtle, crafty methods of the connoisseur of beauty, of art, the epicure in all his fleshy wants, the polished manner, the refined tastes that were his by birth, all added a charm new and irresistible to the ingenuous, luxury loving little model with the eyes of a Madonna and the smile of a siren.

Soon the beautiful, innocent Evelyn Nesbit was ensconced in a high class apartment house and Stanford White, who paid the bills, became a constant visitor to the magnificently appointed suite.

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